Vision & Strategy

The ascendeo group has followed a horizontal concentration strategy, bringing together at first 4 companies leader of their own national market.

At the pivotal point of the Mobility Accessory Eco System and in the middle of all stakeholders, our role is to analyze both demand and supply and to advise both sides, in order to maintain a balanced interest of all members.

What we witness is the industry concentration.
Fewer and fewer phone and tablet makers: the industry list of forgotten brand keeps getting longer while the top 3 makers are concentrating a higher portion of sales and profit of the industry.

Therefore we had to set a global pan-European strategy, to enable to serve these needs across Europe but recognising national market specifics, needs for local expertise.

The purpose of this joint venture is to use the expertise and the strengths of each partner, aiming at reaching synergy, economy of scale and establishing a position of undisputable European leader.